Express Yourself Online with Ease

The internet is a powerful resource, but for many it can be intimidating –
it moves fast and frequently changes. I give people the tools to simplify their life online.
My coaching and writing services empower individuals and business owners
to communicate their message and connect with their audience on the web.

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Save time, get organized and expand your online presence
with my custom coaching and writing services.


  • “Leah makes aspects of social media that I used to find daunting easy to understand and apply. Since working with her, I’ve seen my presence online continuously grow and I have more meaningful interactions with clients than I ever would have thought possible!”
    CANDACE SORRENTINO – Independent Consultant, Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic

  • “I had been working on my website…for what felt like forever. I was so stuck. Leah got me unstuck. I never imagined that I would enjoy the process. Leah really tuned into who I am, what I do and what I was trying to say. I am so excited and pleased with the end product.”
    DANNA HOMBURGER – Expert Electrolysist & Laser Hair Removal Specialist

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    “Leah adds just the right zest to advertorials– making you want to read on and take action– just ask all my new clients!”
    DEVORA FARRELL – Professional Organizer & Owner, ThisOrganized, LLC

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    “Leah gave me valuable suggestions that dramatically increased the ease of navigation, functionality and overall design of my website. Shortly after, I was offered a great job working on websites. I have no doubt Leah’s expertise had everything to do with that!”
    SHEA BARTEL – Artist, Illustrator, Craftsman

  • SuzCircle

    “Working with Leah has been a breath of fresh air. The piece of magic that sticks out the most is CLARITY. She has helped me be more authentic to my brand and more open with my audience. If you want to find your voice on social media, and/or streamline your website, Leah is worth every penny and then some!”
    SUZ – founder of The Rock/Star Advocate™


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