5 Things I Love About Twitter (And Why You Might Just Love Them Too)

I’ll be honest, I was not an early adopter of Twitter. Like many people, I didn’t really get it at first. Didn’t get how to use it (“what are all these weird # @ symbols and abbreviations?”) and more importantly, I didn’t get why to use it.

Now it is one of my all time favorite social networks. I love Twitter and am a huge fan of using it to grow and support your business. Here are five reasons why:


Twitter is a great way to find and connect with people who share your interests. Sure there is a lot of inane noise out there and plenty of people tweeting about what they had for breakfast, but you can skip over all that and key in on the topics that are most relevant to you.

How? Use hashtags to search for specific keywords or topics. When you add the “#” symbol in front of a word or group of words – that’s a hashtag (i.e. #recipe #animallovers #massagetherapy). It makes that word or phrase searchable and pulls up a chronological list of all tweets (by your followers and non-followers) using that same word or phrase. Try typing in a few choice hashtags and see what comes up – you might connect with new customers or colleagues eager to hear what you have to say.


No matter how huge the company, there is still a human being on the other end of that twitter feed. And the savvy companies know to engage with and respond to their followers. @WholeFoods has almost 4 million followers, but when I tagged them once in a tweet from my personal Twitter account about how excited I was to have come in under budget on a recent grocery shopping trip, they responded playfully:


How fun is that to get a personalized tweet from a national grocery store chain? And what a smart, simple way to make a national grocery store chain feel real and personable? I’ve also had lovely one-on-one interactions with industry professionals I follow. And some of my favorite actors and authors and colleagues. Of course, you won’t get a response every time you tag someone (especially someone with millions of followers) in a tweet. But now and then you just might. And it’s awfully fun when you do.


I often hear about a breaking news story or a global current event for the first time in my Twitter feed. Twitter is a powerful tool for sharing information. A forum for public debate. A way to disseminate information, both high and low brow. Same goes for updates and information about a particular industry. I follow certain blogs and news sources so that I am sure to get the latest updates on particular areas of my interest. Instead of going out and searching for news, Twitter brings it to me.


I keep a steady stream of inspiration flowing into and out of my Twitter feeds. That’s just how I roll. At any given time, I can find a dozen tweets in my Twitter stream that are bound to brighten my day or put a smile on my face. And I make it a point to pay it forward by sharing the things I’ve found inspirational and motivational with others.


One of the beauties of Twitter is that it’s really not personal. Unlike Facebook where both parties have to agree to be “friends,” on Twitter, you can follow and unfollow someone with the click of a button. No big deal. This means that you can seek out the folks whose tweets really resonate with you and unfollow the ones who don’t. It also means that the people following you are the ones excited to hear what you have to say.

Followers come and go. Don’t sweat it when you lose a couple here or there. They weren’t picking up what you are throwing down. There are literally millions of fish in the Twitter sea. Just keep expressing your authentic self, and the folks who are a true fit will find their way to you.

Photo credit: mkhmarketing.wordpress.com