Be Your Own Best Guide to Great Social Media Content

What do you like, comment on and share when scrolling through your Facebook timeline or Twitter stream? Take a look. It’s a great touchstone for creating social media content for your business.

Do you click on selly, salesy posts telling you to buy buy buy? I’m guessing no. Do you click on lame photos that are poorly cropped and blurry? Again, probably not.

You probably do click on pictures that catch your eye. Articles that have an intriguing headline. Posts that put a smile on your face, or provide helpful answers to a problem you’ve been grappling with.

That is the kind of stuff people like online. That is the quality of content you should share on your professional social sites.

So trust yourself. As the incomparable Miss Jane Austen said in her novel Mansfield Park:


As you post your blogs and tweet your tweets, let your creativity off the leash and keep in mind the types of content that capture your fancy. If you create posts that you would want to connect with, there’s a good chance other people will too.

Photo Credit: Brian Talbot