Kick-Start Your Productivity by Cutting Yourself Some Slack

If you find that you’ve fallen off the wagon of content creation (i.e. days, weeks, maybe even months have gone by without hitting the “publish” or “post” button), I have a simple suggestion:

Dust yourself off and get back on the wagon.

That whole being hard on yourself part, feeling guilty for not doing more sooner, that is a step you can skip.

Yes, consistency is a major component of successful social media marketing. In order to keep your social presence healthy and growing, you need to share fresh content on a regular basis – daily tweets, monthly newsletters, or regular blog posts, for example.

But we’re human beings.

And sometimes things come up that bump us off our center and our preferred level of productivity. Maybe it is other projects, or maybe it’s fear of confronting the creative unknown. Either way, it doesn’t really matter what the why is. What matters is what you do once you notice you’ve taken your foot off the gas pedal.

When you see that, “oh yeah, I haven’t shared myself and my business in a while”, in that moment there are two choices:

One: Blame, shame and self-recrimination. (Neither inspiring nor motivational, this approach rarely increases or produces quality work.) Or Two: you can pick up your pen or your laptop or your tablet and get to posting.

I highly recommend the latter.

That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m in the process of growing a brand new twitter account (devoted to sharing helpful social media insights and tips – you can follow me @LeahSchneeflock!), but in the last weeks I’ve only posted a handful of tweets. Instead of making excuses to myself (or others) about how “busy I’ve been,” I’m picking up my laptop and picking up where I left off.

Any time you spend being hard on yourself for how you were in the past is time that could be spent creating and sharing the content your audience is hungry for – in this moment. Now is full of opportunity. And what you have to say matters. So, cut yourself some slack and dive back into the content pool. The water’s fine.

By the way, this ‘being kind to yourself’ approach isn’t just good for business, but for every part of life. I learned it from my brilliant coaches Ariel & Shya Kane. I highly recommend checking out their books, podcast, seminars and videos here:

Photo Credit: Nelson de Witt