We human beings have but one brain. And miraculous though it may be, that brain has a limited amount of information in it. It only knows what it knows. But add another brain to the mix (accompanied by the passion, enthusiasm and perspective of its owner) and now you’ve exponentially expanded what’s possible.

I had a great tea date today with blogger extraordinaire and fashion guru roxy of Effortless Anthropologie (I had a hot Jasmine green, she had iced green with a splash of lemonade), and left the meeting positively bubbling with excitement and new information. Not only did she have terrific insights about building a blog and growing an online readership, but her presence alone helped me to clarify aspects of my business that were previously murky and elusive. Ideas were bounced, tea was sipped, fun was had by all, and, without any effort, exciting new possibilities were born.

Know what I learned today? I don’t have to have it all figured out. I can impart the insights and expertise I already have and also share the challenges, victories, hiccups and hacks of my own personal learning curve. It’s my hope that by sharing what works and doesn’t work for me, it’ll provide you with support, inspiration and a laugh or two for your own journey.

What are you learning right now and how’s it going? No need to travel the road alone when there are great folks to collaborate with. Feel free to ask a question or share an experience in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Danielle MacInnes