Hi, I’m Leah.

LaughingLeahI love helping people express themselves and share their unique gifts, talents, goods and services with the world (and on the web). 
My background is in digital media and the performing arts. For over five years, I have been creating written and visual content for the web, as well as consulting for a wide variety of individuals and businesses. My clients include acclaimed public speakers, authors, doctors, educators, graphic designers, consultants, entrepreneurs and more. I’m also a professional actress and singer with over fifteen years of professional experience working in television, film, commercials and theater. Effective, engaging communication is what I’m all about – whether it be in person, in writing, on screen or online.
I’m also a great listener with a collaborative, creative spirit. Listening allows me to understanding the needs, style and sensibility of my clients so that together we can create customized solutions – and have fun in the process. 

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