Testimonials & Samples of Client Work

Electrolysist & Laser Hair Removal Expert

“I had been working on my website…for what felt like forever. I was so stuck. Leah got me unstuck. I never imagined that I would enjoy the process. Leah really tuned into who I am, what I do and what I was trying to say. I am so excited and pleased with the end product.” – Danna Homburger, Electrolysist & Laser Hair Removal Expert


Internationally Acclaimed Seminar Leaders and Award-winning Authors

“Leah is great! She helps us with our social media and makes it easy: SocialMediaMadeEasy! Hire her! You will be happy you did!” – Ariel & Shya Kane, Award-winning Authors and Seminar Leaders



Business Intermediary and Advisory Firm

“When it comes to writing skills and social media, you will be in great hands with Leah. We are thrilled with the support and services she provides.” – Michael Givner, President, IMG Business Advisors 


Hair & Make-up Artist

“To work with Leah is the easiest and most effortless I’ve ever experienced! And producing my social media posts or newsletter together was a huge amount of fun! Enjoy creating your e-campaign with her!” – Christian Olivier, Hair & Make-up Artist


Security Guard Management Company


Facilities Management Company


Interpreting and Communication Training Firm


Independent Consultant, Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic

“Leah makes aspects of social media that I used to find daunting easy to understand and apply. She ensures that her clients have the tools and resources they need to succeed in managing online platforms. Since working with Leah, I’ve seen my presence on social media continuously grow, and I have more meaningful interactions with clients than I ever would have thought possible!” – Candace Sorrentino, Independent Consultant, Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic

Optimist Writer – Author and Motivational Business Consultant

“Working with Leah was not only immensely valuable, but I also enjoyed the whole process very much. I had an incredible feeling of achievement when I saw how well the information on my website was structured and how easily accessible it was. Leah will definitely be the first person I ask when I need advice on my business’ online appearance.” – Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, Founder, Optimist Writer

Professional Organizing Services

“Leah adds just the right zest to advertorials – making you want to read on and take action – just ask all my new clients!” – Devora Farrell, Professional Organizer & Owner, ThisOrganized, LLC

Music Industry Consultant

“Working with Leah has been a breath of fresh air. The piece of magic that sticks out the most is CLARITY. She has helped me be more authentic to my brand and more open with my audience. If you want to find your voice on social media, and/or streamline your website, Leah is worth every penny and then some!” – Suz, founder of The Rock/Star Advocate™

Award-winning Storytime Web Series

“Since working with Leah, my Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers and YouTube Subscribers have all increased at substantial rates. But most of all, I now enjoy social networking, and that is a direct result of working with Leah.” – Sandy D’Amato, Owner, Hello You! Entertainment


Artist, Illustrator, Craftsman

“Leah gave me valuable suggestions that dramatically increased the ease of navigation, functionality and overall design of my website. Shortly after, I was offered a great job working on websites. I have no doubt Leah’s expertise had everything to do with that!” – Shea Bartel, Artist/Illustrator/Craftsman


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